Seasonal Trivia (Test your knowledge)

  • zubyfrank 


We are happy to flag of the second edition of our Seasonal Trivia

participate to test your knowledge with simple questions on Maths, English and General studies.

There are ten questions in total and top performing students will be rewarded with instant prizes.


  1. Register to the portal using the linkĀ
  2. if you already have an account then login usingĀ
  3. go to the seasonal trivia session on your dashboard and click on the participate now button to get started.
  4. alternatively you can click on the sidebar>Quiz>Available Quiz and then click on Seasonal Trivia
  5. time duration is 10 minutes for 10 questions. if you don’t finish within this time, the portal will automatically submit your answers and grade you accordingly.
  6. you may not be allowed to take the trivia twice and double registration automatically leads to disqualification



  1. first prize winner gets a month subscription for any network of choice
  2. first and 2nd runner up gets a Badge of Academic Excellence and also gain publicity on our social media handles.

Winners will be announced on our social media handles by ist January 2018