How it Works


It’s easy. Fund your wallet and select the box or boxes you think has the correct answer. Stake amount is 50 naira, you can stake up-to three times to increase your chances.


Iwinreal games is an educational gaming platform where members stake money to identify the box with the correct answer to the question asked.

Each game will have a question and contain boxes with a hidden answer. Unlike our other educational games, in this game, we won’t test knowledge but rather luck. We only want to know how lucky you are. The lucky ones win cash.

See how the game looks like below:

How to play and win

If you select the number with the correct answer, the system notifies you of the correct answer and funds your wallet. You can then cash out or continue to play.
If you select the wrong answer the system notifies you that you selected the wrong answer but you win nothing.

Booking Price and winnings

Booking price varies from 50 Naira per slot to 200 Naira per slot but we will be starting with just 50 Naira stake.
Members can stake up to 3 times to increase their winning chances. So a user can be lucky to win at their first stake or win at their second stake or their third stake or even win all three stakes.

However, a winner can also not win anything in all stakes. It all depends on how lucky you are.
So once you select a slot, 50 naira is deducted from your wallet, if you select 2 slots, 100 Naira is deducted and if you select 3 slots, 150 Naira is deducted

Winnings are from 500 Naira to 5000 Naira in each game. So depending on how lucky you are, you could win 500 Naira, 1000 Naira or 5000 Naira or nothing.
Results are instant so if you select the right slot, the system notifies you and credits your wallet instantly.

Once you play upto 3 times, you won’t be able to play until the next game is unveiled.

Referral Bonuses

We want to collaborate with you to reach more people and we have a reward for you for each referral you bring on-board.
Each successful referral attracts a bonus unit that can be used to play games or you can convert it to cash and withdraw.
To ensure the quality of referral, all members will get an automatic referral unit per referral contact and will see their referral bonuses on their dashboard.
However, members must request to either convert referral units to their wallet or cash out pending our investigation to ensure their referrals are genuine and active.


Jackpot Games
We will be having jackpot games on a monthly basis with million to be won in cash. More details to be unveiled.


Telegram Group

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