Frequently Asked Questions on IwinReal Quiz Competition

We have compiled a variety of likely questions you may be curious about:

Where will the quiz hold?

The quiz is online, after payment, you will be automatically redirected into your secured online portal

What are my chances of winning

Everybody will be given equal chances in a very transparent manner

What if I do not win a prize

At Iwinreal, everybody is a winner, if you do not win the cash prize, you will be compensated with a certified E-course on self development and other relevant E-courses.

What is the Cutoff mark

Cutoff mark will be determined by over all performance, lets say if most people are scoring 70 and above then definitely our cut off mark will be 70

What is the registration link:

I forgot my password

Click on the link to reset password

Already registered?  Login via

Are there any charges?

Yes, you get an access code for #1,000

How is Payment made

You can pay either pay online, transfer or bank deposit. You will have to select your option from the payment dashboard

What are the areas of concentration?

The quiz is a test of basic knowledge on subjects you are familiar with. It is unlike a traditional exam. we expect that anybody within the higher institution or Senior secondary school can comfortably ace the quiz

What browser should I use?

we highly recommend the use of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, if you decide to use Opera Mini, it must be the latest version as our portal is not supported by outdated versions of Opera Mini

I am having issues with registration

If you are having issues with registration please kindly pay your #1,000 to the bank details and send us an email at with a proof of payment

Bank Account Details
Bank Name: FCMB
Account Name: IWinreal International
Account Number: 4572113019

My question is not being answered here, you can chat us on facebook for a 24/7 reply or email us at

Team Iwinreal